Tesoro Hair Brazen Lash
Tesoro Hair Brazen Lash

Brazen Lash

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What is it?

Let's be bold, let's be confident, let's be you! These lashes are providing the subtle drama that every girl is looking for. These double layered wispy lashes allow your eyes to look big, bold and beautiful. Let's bring out the beauty in you with our brazen lash.

  • Human Hair Lash
  • Vegan, Cruelty Free
  • 100% Sterilized Human Hair
  • 10 Wears out of them with good care
  • Mimics your natural lashes, by using human hair
  • Pliable land, made to easily apply and match the shape of your eye

About Tesoro Lashes

  • All of Tesoro Lashes are hand made with care
  • Seamless do not need eyeliner
  • Make eyes appear bigger
  • Natural and Silky Feel
  • Tesoro Hair’s lash band is made to hug the natural curve of your eyelashes, to ensure easy application 
  • Resembles the natural curl of your real lashes

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