Tesoro Hair Toffee Blonde Ballayage 4/14 Clip in Extensions

Toffee Blonde Ballayage 4/14

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What is it?

  • 100% Human Hair, 100% Double Drawn
  • Tesoro Hair Extensions are 100% double drawn meaning that they are inspected before packaging to ensure there are not a large amount of short hairs in them.  This ensures that the hair is just as thick from top to bottom.  This process is done by hand and not by a machine to ensure that nothing is missed.
  • Clips have Silicon Grip which stops the extensions from slipping out of the hair
  • Tesoro Hair Extensions are also hand sewn to ensure they will not fall apart and there will be no shedding during use. 
  • Available in 24 different colors; Solids, Blends, Balayage and Rooted Colors
  • Tesoro Hair Extensions come in 10 different wefts to ensure versatility in use.  You can place the extensions in different ways for different hair styles.  The extensions can follow the natural curvature of your head to make the extensions appear as natural as possible.  The wefts are made of 2 wefts with 4 clips each; 2 wefts with 3clips; 2 wefts with 2 clips each and 4 wefts with one clip each
  • Tesoro Hair Extensions can be styled just like your own hair.  You can use any blow dryer, hot iron or curling iron and there will be no damage to the extensions.
  • Wash the hair just the way you do your own hair.  They don’t need to be washed with every use.  Wash them once every 4-5 wears with a good quality shampoo and just lay them flat to dry or use your blow dryer. 

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