Jet Black Tape Extensions
Jet Black Tape Extensions

1 Jet Black

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What is it?

Tesoro Hair Extensions are made of 100% Human Hair. 

They are 100% Double Drawn. What this means is that they are inspected before packaging to ensure there are not a large amount of short hairs in them. This ensures that the hair is just as thick from top to bottom.< Mimicking our natural human hair. This process is done by hand and not by a machine to ensure nothing is missed. 

Tesoro Tape Hair Extensions are made of Virgin Remy Hair with the cuticle intact.  What this means is that the hair extensions still have the outter most layer which is the cuticle intact –which is what protects the hair against damage and keeps the hair looking healthy and shiny. Remy hair is the highest grade of hair. All Ethically sourced from one source.  So what does Remy Hair with the Cuticle Intact really mean?  The answer – it means that the hair is collected in a way that ensures that the hair is kept in the natural direction it was growing.  So all the cuticles on each strand are facing the same direction as they would on your own hair. This allows the hair to remain strong and the texture to mimic natural hair.It also prevents it from tangling or matting. 



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